Please, use captcha on support and profile contact form.

Lately, I was being bombed by spam messages offering themeforest comp***** analyzer, through my profile page and items’ support page.

below is the message:

Dear ********,
We came across your theme on called ***** | Classy & Responsive WordPress Blog Theme.
Your theme seems to have XXX sales but we are sure the theme is worth a lot more. After all, you’ve spent days and months developing & supporting the theme.
We’ve also noticed, that Themeforest has 18000+ themes and your theme does not rank in the top 5 listings.
Since your theme doesn’t appear in the top 5 ranks, you are missing out on a lot of possible clients and revenue. Exactly like the websites, which don’t get listed in the first page of Google’s search results and miss out on traffic (Fact: Links on Page 1 take 90% of the traffic & revenue and the remaining 10% is split amongst others).
On your behalf, we’ve spend hundreds of hours understanding Themeforest in detail. We have created an easy-to-use desktop software for you to analyse and understand your competition better.
To get the software, visit this link: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

As I mentioned on the thread title, could we put captcha to profile and item support page contact form?

Hey if you run into anyone like that please report their username to support and we can ban them. Feel free to PM me their username.