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Dear Gents,

I was traying to contact someone from the Coffeecream group to get support on a new template which I bought: Scent - Model Agency WordPress Theme

After few days I did not get the deiserd support.

What should I do to get support from them with the Demo data for WordPress. I got this Template because of nice video slider on the main page. I would like to setup it but could not get enough info on how to.

The template was paid but no support was give.

Kindly awaiting your help.

Best Regards,

How long has it been? Item says support can be 2 business days (which doesn’t include weekends)

Also did you do this?

According to the template the support is 6 month’s and not 2 days.

I have tried the information from your print screen but it does not work. Have done a research before sending this question.

Can take up to 2 days to get a reply - 6 months is the total period

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Yes I did this and it did not work.

I have send the support question last week.

The author @Coffeecream also seems to reply to comments very quickly so you could try posting there otherwise Discussion on Scent - Model Agency WordPress Theme | ThemeForest

Thanks. I have just sent the comment on the themeforest website template. I really hope to get finally some support from the Author.

I have tried this thing and it didn’t worked for me. What about you people? Is it working for you? If yes, then how?

If I will not get support till weekend. I would like to ask the Envato to get money back for something that does not work. I could get than another template which work as it suppose to.