WordPress Theme Quality Feedback

Hey guys,

I have an WordPress theme to add to themeforest marketplace but first I would appreciate if you will take a look and share with me your opinion, if it’s ready or if there are things to be improved.


Thank you,

Hey @FantasyThemes,

It looks pretty good. I can say that we’d shortlist it!

Nice but not so much creative. Try to add animations more.

Thank you!

Guaranteed rejection: https://themeforest.net/item/perfetto-premium-real-estate-wordpress-theme/21149818

If you are going to steal other people’s work at least have the decency to take their name out of the code!

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I am the author of that theme too :slight_smile:

While that is a relief - if your details matching the other theme jump out so quickly then it is still probably too close to the other theme

I tried my best to improve the design and the code and I think I did a good job but, to be sure, I asked for feedback here.

The design (with respect) does look good and cleaner than the other theme. esp. header, spacing etc.

The issue will be that the reviewer won’t know that you are the same person. Given that you can obviously code, I would just try to alter some of the exact duplicates and maybe bring in a few more features that emphasize the new design


Thank you for your feedback. I will definitely make changes.



Sorry to bother you again. What do you think about the changes I made: https://fantasythemes.net/themes/behome/


Generally, it’s really nice

  • I reckon the agent info cards could be better (less bold text and more hierarchy in the fonts
  • login is much better. If it were me I would substitute the image on the right for a ‘featured property’ just to be different

Thank you very much for suggestions!

Hey guys, thank you for help. The theme got accepted :slight_smile: