Wordpress template rejected

My new theme was rejected hard…

Hi @payothemes,

Although it’s a nice start and I quite like the overall feel of your design, there are too many incosistencies to fix:


Strange because on our test on rest, we dont saw like in your image.


You can disregard fainted menu under the slider, it’s a glitch of my browser addon.

For what it’s worth, I’m using Win8 with Chrome.


Again thanks,
Can you tell me your resolution? Because i tested in chrome and is ok

Only if you use over 2500px as resolution, Slider revolution is slide, but i don’t think this was the reason for reject… i think …
Over 2500px i see button to left but i dont see that gap between menu.

First i had to change twice my theme’s name in theme, documentation, and after this i got reject.

I’m using 1920x1080, button seems to be snapped to left when I resize my browser window. I can observe the exact same behavior in Firefox and IE.


Is from Revslider issue on hight resolutions, but i fixed this.

Also i dont think was rejected because of this… but if we dot get any answer, why is rejected, is hard to make better rejected theme …

Thank you

What is strange is why to reject soft and then hard. I think they should reject hard from start if wasn’t ok, or to tell me what is not ok and to fix them.

When i had soft rejected, i got a list with what i need to fix.


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