Soft Reject - Help Please

Hi All,

I’ve just had my 3rd soft reject on as follows

"Unfortunately your submission Bob - Travel & Photography Blogging Theme isn’t quite ready for ThemeForest. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it couldn’t be accepted.

  1. Typography needs improvement.

  2. Slider does not work.

  3. The quality of your item does not meet the minimum standards of the WordPress category. You need to focus on improving the overall quality of your item before resubmitting. "

Since submitting I have noticed I have some serious IE browser issues I need to address however I can’t quite figure out what is broken about my slider on any platform unless the reviewer is suggest my slider does not work in with the theme?

The reviewers statements are quite general so I’d love any more targetted feedback about where I’m going wrong.

I look forward to your suggestions of where I can improve.

Hey again!

I can give you an advice - be careful with updates, upload your next update only with major changes because Soft Reject can easily turn into Hard Reject.

Good luck! :smile:

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Thanks MajorThemes. Your advice last time was fantastic which I attempted to apply to my second update. Since my last soft reject I added the main splash page describing theme features and an AJAX Portfolio selector for home page. I also created a new short code for the gallery post slider and 3 additional home page options. However for my next round of improvements I’m somewhat lost as to where to go. I am quite afraid of that hard reject scenario. My initial attempt at the theme was to keep it simple however I’m unsure if that was part of my rejection issues which is why I added a lot more things. More things however leaves me more opportunities to make mistakes.

Don’t be afraid - think, edit, upload, submit!

Another advice - when you have Soft Rejected item do not focus on quantity of layouts, but on quality of this layouts.

Remember - put design and typography in the first place when creating a theme.

And don’t forget about tests - tests everywhere, test everything, on every browser, resolution and every platform. Do you know what is the reviewer’s notebook screen resolution? Operating system and browser? Of course not, so test it on every major browser, resolution and OS.

Something is not working? Remove it, Change it, Replace it.

After you submit it for review, forget about this theme for a while and start something new :smile:

Good luck, m8! :smile:

You design is too simple, looks like a bootstrap default theme, you should add something unique

By bootstrap is it that you feel I’ve overused the rounded headings along with the buttons? Apart from simplicity do you see any glaring problems with what I’ve done? My goal is to get the fundamentals correct before thinking of trying to break the mould too much.

On a side note I think I’ve discovered what the reviewer meant by the slider not working. After putting the color overlay in place I accidentally pushed the controls to the outer edge which the scroll bar can interfere with.