WordPress Soft Reject | Need suggestions to improve

our latest submission to themeforest was rejected for following reasons :
"Theme does have a potential, but it is too generic and usability is pretty poor. Also, animations are very distracting and all over the place."
please guide, how usability can be further enhanced [DEMO][1]


As they said, you should improve animations, and add some unique details

You can improve the hover effect on buttons and remove any unnecessary animations on the page. Also you may want to increase the left-right paddings on some buttons. This should make them look better.

Good luck!

thanks a lot for the valuable feedback :slight_smile:

To much animation … use it for fading in from just a few pixels above the requisite position rather than completely from corners.
Typography is a bit weak revise it.
The cart and search can be replaced for a better version to correspond to your style.

All opinions were personal.

Have a good day! :blush: