(Wordpress plugin) My first ever Wordpress plugin got hard rejected email!

Hi all,

I have just submitted my first wordpress plugin to CodeCanyon and got a hard rejected email.
I’m new to Envato here and after months of hard working it is hard not to feel so disappointed with the result that I won’t be able to re-submit my item again.

I know there are so many similar questions about this but I’d like to know the specific reason for the hard reject rather than “it isn’t at the quality standard” as the email stated.

My work is a plugin that helps people create an animated popup for their Wordpress website.
(There are some similar plugins already being on CodeCanyon but my work is genuinely original work).

Just want to hear feedback from you guys so I can improve my next work.

■Here is the landing page:

■And tutorial video:

Any advices are appreciated!

My first few items were rejected with similar messages. What I realize now which I did not before, was the reviewer was right, my items were not up to par for the marketplace.

One problem is that there are already hundreds of popup type plugins in the market, which have loads of features, settings and are very customizable. When I compare yours to ones in this list it is not up to the standards of what’s already available: https://codecanyon.net/search/popup

So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and find another useful plugin to build which isn’t already saturated in the marketplace. Good luck to you :slight_smile:

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