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Starting website and VERY new to all of this. It is a very dumb question, but going to ask any way. When building my web site can I use word press plug ins? I’m using an old Dreamweaver editor. It will be a stand alone web site. Haven’t purchased my domain name yet, but will. Only have begun the bare bones so far, and see a lot of these word press galleries and wanted to know if I am able to us them. Thank you for your help in advance. Sandra

You need to determine if you are planning on using a HTML template or a WordPress Theme.

If it is WordPress then yes you can use plugins but you need to check with the theme author if they will be compatible and ideally I would suggest you find a theme with a cool gallery already built in if possible over using a plugin.

If you are using a WordPress theme you probably don;t need to worry about Dreamweaver - all the editing will be done ‘in WordPress’ and the only time you would need Dreamweaver is to modify the core code which is a) quite advanced and B) unlikely to be necessary

If you are using a HTML template then you can use Dreamweaver to edit it but note that a lot of people choose it because they think thy will be able to use the visual editor functionality. In truth HTML templates have become much more complicated and rarely is it as easy as modifying a visual version - without some degree of HTML knowledge you will struggle with a traditional non WordPress template.

Bear in mind that to use WordPress (without getting involved in local hosting) you will need your own Domain and hosting (NOT WordPress.com). You will also need this to publish any site live but it is even more important with creating WordPress based sites.


My advice is to buy a Wordpress theme with page builder.
A small tutorial about Wordpress :

It is much simpler to edit an Wordpress website .
I totally agree with what he said @charlie4282 !

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Excellent advice!

Thank you all so much for your insight and knowledge on this subject. I have already started my website and am going to use html, css and other coding. This is a year or two project. I want to learn and feel in the long run html will give me much more control over my page. Perhaps if I am successful, I will pay others to do projects to get the website to where I need it to be. Thank you again!