Complety New At This

Hello there all,HOpe you all had an epic NEW YEAR :smiley: , I haventy a clue what im doing :’) , Whats this all about? if i buy a few templates do i get the css/html/java ect sent over to me , to do what i wish with?

Yes. All themes and templates will include source code, but items in the HTML templates category will be specifically tailored towards allowing you to customize the HTML, CSS, and JS.


"to do what I wish with’ - to a point. There are some restrictions.

  • 1 purchase/license allows you to create a website for one project i.e. you need a new license/purchase for each project/website/domain that you want to create.

  • you can’t resell the item ‘as is’ anywhere or even a modified version on another marketplace

  • you can’t adapt the item into another format eg. buy HTML and create WordPress for sale here or on another marketplace


Hello , thank you for your message…

Yeah i was a bit vague , sorry for that…

ok im just looking for a site for our vintage furniture and upholstery service shop…i found this one…

i like look of it , im just hoping i can use it in dream weaver , edit pics and text and put it up on lcn without any restrictions.

So two things there:

  1. Dreamweaver is a bit basic for items here. If you planned to use just about any item form envato and use DW’s visual editor rather than code then you will struggle as most web templates now are too complex for that.

  2. That item is a WP theme so unless you know what you are doing with editing PHP etc. then you would not want to be opening it with any editing software.

WP comes with its own admin where you can edit text, images and content. That particular theme also uses Visual Composer (page builder plugin) which means you can create custom layouts easily without needing to write code.

The only time you would need to modify the code is if you want fundamentally alter a specific feature or function.

If you buy a WP theme then you will need your own domain name and hosting with WordPress installed on it (this is something most hosts offer as a setup or you can download WP from and install it manually).


A yes ok its been a very long time since i did any coding…

I already own severly domains with lcn , they host a webpage i made a few years back ( very basic haha ) and my emails ect.

i really would like to keep everthing with them.

So does this one mean that i would need to use wordpress for my hosting ect?

No - not at all. WordPress.COM is different. Until recently they could not support envato themes. They now do but at quite a big cost.

As long as whatever host you want to use supports the necessary configuration to install WP e.g. databases, up to date PHP etc. then you can use that. This could be who you are with now (just need to speak to them and make sure it can be done) or one of the big providers like Blue, Host Gator, GoDaddy etc.

It’s worth considering that WP is more power intensive than static HTML and esp. with big themes so when it comes to hosting you get what you pay for, and your site’s performance will depend quite a bit on where it lives.

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