Word Press

Im looking to buy one word press theme. I’m new on these things, i just wanted to make sure, if
im buying a theme+domain+host, is it possible to publish online for
people who want to upload they houses (real state theme) ? And, is it
possible to manage this theme by myself using WordPress?

In theory yes of course that depends on:

  1. You have the technical capability and understanding to manage the site
  2. the site/theme has the capacity to allow users to submit their properties or you hire someone to code it into the theme).

Bear in mind if you plan to profit from the website e.g. people pay a subscription to use the site or pay a commission of properties sold or listed then you need an extended license not just a regular one.

Thanks a lot

If i want to re-program that theme with more, u said i can, right?
I just want to let people to publish their houses for free, does this work if theme allows that?
I appreicate

Sure that works and if it is free to submit then you can get away with the regular license. Good Luck

Charlie, just another question:

Can i import on WordPress a theme as it is already, or do i need to re-build steep by steep…Let me sen u the link for that theme and i want it live as it is, does that work?


Do i need HTML templates or WP templates to work with word press?/

You need to ask the author but there’s a good chance that the dummy XML content is available to import.

Obviously there will be a few steps in tweaking it to your needs but the base content should be there (may well not include the images as they do not look opensource)

Thanks a lot !