Woozone reviews

I use Woozone in blend with woo-commerce, yet I haven’t yet gotten any API code from Amazon, as I am at present making my first partner [site]. So I utilize Woozone’s capacity to import Amazon items without API/AWS key. This is blend with a Woozone possess subject (Kingdom) - which is really intended to work flawlessly with warzone… Anyway, everything works, then again, actually, the Amazon audits don’t show up in the item see on my site. I’ve had a go at all that I can consider, yet I’m not actually an expert with regards to WordPress. As I said previously, this is my first site. I previously reached the help 2 from AA-Team two days or so back, no answer yet. Has any other person had a similar issue or knows an answer? Would be incredible!

hi I have the same problem. did you manage to solve this? any tips would be great :slight_smile:

I was facing a similar problem on my blog but somehow it is now automatically fixed. Might be a bug or something.