WooZone Amazon Reviews don't show up

I use Woozone in combination with woocommerce, but I haven’t yet received any API code from Amazon, as I am currently creating my first affiliate website. So I use Woozone’s function to import Amazon products without API/AWS key. All this in combination with a Woozone own theme (Kingdom) - which is actually designed to work perfectly with woozone… Anyway, everything works, except that the Amazon reviews do not appear in the product view on my website. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but I’m not exactly a professional when it comes to wordpress. As I said before, this is my first website. I already contacted the support 2 frome AA-Team two days or so ago, no answer yet. Has anyone else had the same problem or knows a solution ? Would be great !

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P.S - I’ve attached a screenshot

Missing Review Stars|690x390

Your not allowed to use amazon reviews read the terms of your affiliate contract you will lose your account if you have not already