WooCommerce Wallet Management - problem with developer deactivating plugin on expired domain

I no longer have access to fwbpay.com, so how can I deactivate it on a website thats not hosted by me ?

I can’t deactivate it from the other website ?

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You can do it on your own from visiting plugin configuration page on which the license is activated and deactivates from there then visit your new site’s configuration page and activate the license there.

Also your support period is expired so kindly renew the support.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to assist you anytime.

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They want me to purchase support when this is a configuration issue with their product … this is what I received

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Hope you are doing well…

We have provided all the options in the plugin itself but if you missed that and need our help, we would love to do it but as we mentioned earlier that your support period is expired so kindly renew the support so we can help you asap.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to assist you anytime.

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Your product should not require me to access an expired domain I do not own to disconnect it’s still connected in your system you should disconnect it or I report it to FTC.gov . I am reporting this to envato.

This is a difficult case because technically, once you publish a production website with the item, the license is legally tied to that website (now the “end product”) in perpetuity. After that, you aren’t allowed to use or activate it on any other websites, even if the original website shuts down.

However, it seems like this author allows the license to be deregistered/moved, in exception to Envato’s official policies. Envato won’t be able to take action or enforce anything in this case as it’s outside of their license terms. You would need to go through the author’s support channels.

The only exception would be if you are rebranding the original website from one domain to another, i.e. it’s still the same company and end product, in which case the author should help with that transition, though it’s uncertain whether they are obligated to do it for free if your support period has expired.

But the rebranding scenario seems unlikely if the previous domain has already expired and you’re completely reinstalling the app. A rebranding will typically transfer the existing files/data which shouldn’t require reactivation, and will be performed while both domains are active.

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Simple solution would be access your licensing and set it to disconeect when ever its reactivated on another domain like everyone else but they rather charge for support for something that is in contridiction to the market its developers like this why I never buy anything here anymore your guys do a pis-poor job of vetting and keeping the best devs here and allow them to put out broken half develped software companies use in production that has bugs and issues envato does not find and show on product listing you let this junk and old plugins without support flourish here, this is not the fist time I have over $200 in products that are unusable …maybe you envato are liable for refunds for this type of service since you allow these people to sell on your platform without any accountability like you explained in your brief statement above.

FTC Report Number


Just for the record, neither I or any other moderators on the forums are with Envato. We’re all volunteer moderators and regular users like you. If you would like to seek out official advice or lodge a formal complaint, please open a Help ticket here:

Envato terms are clear that one end-product for one website.
If you need to change the website, you will need to purchase a new copy.

According to the details, the author of the item is willing to change the domain name ( license ) and at this case, you need to purchase the “support” or you can purchase a new copy of the item.

You have already agreed the terms, complaining to FTC is not going to solve your problem.