Deregister purchase code from expired domain

Help me out from Deregister purchase code from expired domain so i can use it in my new website. its bridge theme by Qode. and support is just expired!!


for solving purchase code or item license issue will need to get support from the item author. They (author) are the right team to help. you can contact item author through item comments page or author profile page or best option is through item support page.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


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Hi, this does not work if your support has ended as Qode require valid support.

I also use the Qode Bridge theme.

Really, it is a problem that you don’t have the opportunity of deregisterering your paid Qode themes outside an old website/domain, that you don’t have access to anymore.

I don’t consider this support, it should be possible as a self-service.

Any help is appreciated.


license registration maintain by the author own database. So, license un-register have to do through author own support forum. if author don’t allow the support request without a valid support period then have to extend the support.

The best thing is before removing the item or website deregister the license from the website. So that you can register the license again.

Another thing you can do send the author a request through item comments page.


Hi, thanks for your comment.

Other professional theme builders offer registration and de-registration of licences through self-service.

Having to buy extended support just because this service is not available, and therefore requests a manual effort from their side, is not professional.

Even though I love their theme and I believe their are very professional theme builders, their organization has not focus on self service opportunities so I will disadvice others from buying these otherwise beautiful themes.

KR Marianne