WooCommerce Membership - Will this work?


Trying to reach the WooCommerce team but can’t seem to post a message since I don’t have a license key.
I have WooCommerce on my sites for cart check out. I want to add a video on my sites that people pay to watch. I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this. If I get WooCommerce can I put the video on a hidden page, and then when people pay for the video, they get access to that page? I don’t want to call it memberships. I just want to “Add the Cart” the video, and then get an automatic email telling them where to go to watch the video. When they go to the page, the video is there and a password is needed for it to play. And then I’d like their password to this video page to expire in 30 days. Is that doable with your plugin? Thanks so much!