A Subscriptions plugin/extension, but not what you're thinking..

Hi, I was curious if you guys knew of a WooCommerce extension/plugin that will allow a customer to put a ton of DIFFERENT products that cost the same price in a QUEUE for their subscription. In other words, something that will allow my customers to receive different products that cost the same from us every week automatically. For example, they sign up for a “Two Products Per Week” subscription, then they go and pick the two items out of hundreds of items. They will put them in their “queue” so they can receive them that next week. Then they pick two more different items to put in their queue for the next week after that, and so on, and so on… They will be able to queue a few months worth of products they want to try all at one time and we send them to them automatically as the weeks go by. They can also change their mind later on and change their queue.

The only website I can think of that reminds me of something like this is the old Netflix site that allowed customers to put movies they wanted in a queue. If you used it, you’ll remember, you signed up for a subscription and then you picked out movies that you wanted to receive in the mail that week and in the future. When you returned the movies they sent you, they would send you the next movie you had in your queue automatically. My customers just won’t be returning anything because they are consumable products.

Please let me know if there is anything like that out there. Thank you!

Hey - I like this idea!

If it doesn’t already exist, drop me a message to support [at] jckemp.com and we can talk further.


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I know Its been a while since the question was asked but Im looking for a similar plugin for my subscription service and just wanted to know if you guys found a solution? :slight_smile: