WooCommerce Subsciption FAIL

Can someone PLEASE HELP me? On the GWANGI theme that I purchased it says right on it that I can do subscriptions sold separately with WooCommerce. So I am to the home stretch of my site and I purchase the $300 Woo Commerce subscription plug in… I go back and forth with them 8 times… Needing help with setting up my subscription for my dating support site. I have it locked so that only a member can see the majority of the site. The way they told me they could set it up was that AFTER a new member signs up and now has full access to my site, they could go to my product page and set up their subscription of choice. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. If someone just registered and now has complete access to my site for FREE, why would they go seeking out how to pay for it??? It HAS to be part of the registration process.So they told me this was my developer/author who would have to help me make this part of the registration process. The entire reason I started this was to make money. If i cannot, then the $3,500 I’ve put into my site was a complete waste. Can someone please reach out to me on how to fix this issue so that I can fully launch?