WooCommerce As Subdomain or...?

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First i want to thank you this wonderful community and their efforts to help others on managing their project. My question is (i think) very rare as there aren’t many answers out there. I run this site https://zodiacgenie.com and I’m building a steady audience, slow but it’s building up. As the audience grows i thought of creating a shop where i could be able to sell few (up to 30,40,50) items related to the site theme.
Now, here is where my thoughts and decisions are on the crossroad and don’t know which direction to take. First i thought to go subdomain shop.myblogsite.com My concern with this model was to keep shop “separate” from blog site but then i thought to change that and go subdirectory myblogsite.com/shop/ believing that would look more together with the site and for SEO reasons (don’t know if that is correct).

I’m stuck with the thought what users would think buying something from a blog/shop site. Later i thought the reverse. Create a proper woocommerce site (https://themeforest.net/item/flatsome-multipurpose-responsive-woocommerce-theme/5484319) then attach/add/create a dedicated page for the actual blogs (around 200) there and have the site look more shoppy. Basically to use the blogs to attract organic visitors and hopefully they jump on the store site.

Now is it worthy to invest on a woocommerce site worth $59 with about 30, 40, 50 items and transfer all the blogs there or just keep creating a subdomain or subdirectory (please which i better if i decide one of these methods) to the existing blogsite (which i have to eventually buy a login users account)?

Again i want to thank you all for the support and answers in advance
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As far I know Google crawls, indexes, and ranks subfolders or subdomains exactly the same way. If you like building out separate entity profiles and link value for multiple subdomains then you can choose subdomian otherwise you can go with subdirectory.

Please be noted if you would like to go with subdomian or subdirectory for your blog then you have to purchase another new 1 license for your theme to go there. Otherwise you can go with your main domain and transfer all the blogs there (will not need to buy new license for theme, you can go with the exisitng theme and license).


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Hi mgscoder

My concern remains for the fact that I am “stuck” on the cross-road about which one (subdomain or subdirectrory) would look more professional/appealing to the user, so that the user/customers wouldn’t be put off… like jumping from the blog to the shop. I don’t have a lot of experience and don’t know much about how do other sites do or how users would behave when they visits a blog site and then visiting the shop.
Would they be tempted to purchase something? To me the idea of shop.myblogsite.com or myblogsite.com/shop is like having a Book Shop which sells also Sports Items. This is why i was thinking if it is better to have anywoocommercethemeshop.com/blog instead. This idea sounds like a Store which sells Sports Items and few book on the side which are relevant to the sports items they sale.

As for the theme/license i would prefer to buy another one and make look similar the blog site.

To sum up the question. Which one would be more appropriate and worth to spend time and money on?

Option 1 - shop.myblogsite.com / myblogsite.com/shop or… (bearing in mind that i have to install wordpress twice and have to do the same work twice as already done in the main; site, sort seo, speed, cache etc)
Option 2 - anywoocommercethemeshop.com/blog (believe that all, seo, speed, cache is done once under one site. Basically google would crawl only one site/ one analytics, compared to option one where google would have to crawl both sites (subdomain/subdirecorty and main site).

But when i look into Option-1 i think that i have to importing all the blogs (from the actual blog site to the new woocommerce site) and i fear of loosing ranking etc as i plan to change the domain name/resubmit site map etc if i go for project 2. On the other hand Option-2 looks more promising because i believe that those 200+ blogs would bring in lots of organic user hopefully turning them into potential buyers, but again the idea of loosing ranking scares me and makes me think that all could go for nothing.

Please mgscoder (and others) what are your thoughts?

Again millions of thanks in advance. Everyone is invited to share ideas.
With respect,

my personal opinion you can go with option 2 - domain/blog. Thanks

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