Moving a bought WP theme

I can’t seem to find a clear answer to this:

I bought a single license theme for a WP Woocommerce site and i’m using it to build a webshop for a client. My normal way of presenting a site is that i make a subdomain on my own website and upload the site there. My client can reach the site and tell me whether or not they like it etc. When everything is in order, i proceed to move it to their domain.

Can i use my single license in this case? Or do i have to buy a new license when i move the site from my subdomain to the client’s domain?

Note: There’s never more than 1 live site. I first remove everything from the subdomain, before setting up client’s domain.

Thanks in advance!

Assuming you fully remove it from your sub-domain then this is fine.

Be careful about activating or registering plugins etc. as changing some of these can become more complicated.

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Awesome. Exactly what i wanted to know.

Yeah, i fully remove it before setting up the clients site.

Thanks a lot! :smile: