Withdrawal Problem. Please Help!

I was trying to withdraw my earnings through paypal acount. But there was NO WITHDRAW BUTTON! What is wrong with envato? It’s being weirder each day.

Please someone help me withdrawing my earnings. How can I do that?

Earnings are withdrawn each monthly automatically. You need to configure a payout account and it will be sent there without clicking any buttons, as long as you meet the minimum balance for that gateway.


hi buddy where have been spending the past few months lol kidding, peace :slight_smile: u did not hear about monthly payment? there was a big thread dedicated to it, u also cannot choose payment method now, i mean u choose it once and cannot change it

i did not do anything last month, I mean i did not set up a minimum withdrawal amount. But I have a paypal account connected to my account. I have more that 50$. so is there any chance I will get paid this months 15th?

Recently I haven’t been working as a freelance designer, n2n, that’s why i didn’t know. but now, I badly need money that I’ve earned from graphicriver. please tell me what should i do.

it’s not up to you - it’s automatically set up by Envato. Min $50 for paypal and payoneer and $500 for swift.

yes, if you have more than $50 and you setted up your paypal account as payout option you will get your money 15th this month

Go to your “payouts” section, you should see green button there which says “set account” - If your account i set up already you will see this information above this button - if not just click this button and set up you payout option. You need to know that if you didn’t have your account set up and you wan’t to do this now for the first time I am afraid you will wait for your money untill next month.

yes i understand buddy i was kidding t, this is good to smile a bit :slight_smile:
indeed there is nothing to do for u once u have chosen the paymnet method … i am not sure that envato tried to keep it unchanged for u , but they had made announcement that we had to choose a single method of payment, i guess that if u did not do they cannot fail to deliver the money to u anyway, just make sure to confirm method payment and u will have to wait for 15th, probably of next month now …