What happened to Unclaimed Earnings if didn't fill out payment payout method ?

I received an email about the unclaimed earning same as here here

Just need to know what happened to unclaimed earnings if Couldn’t fill out payment payout method before the month ends? I need more time to create my bank account may be a month. Will my earnings remain in my balance after 15th of next month and I can withdraw it when my bank account is made ? Or what ?

Thanks !


may be you didn’t set your payout payment method. So, click on the button/link and setup your payout payment mehtod (paypal/payonner/Bank Transfer).

Hope your issues will be solved.

You should to setup your payout payment mehtod as quickly as you can. To know About the deadline to setup your payout payment mehtod please Please Contact Envato Author Support and let them know.


The minimum amount for bank transfer was 500$. If you have less money than this, you won’t be able to receive to your bank account anyway. At this case, you could use other options for withdraw

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Yes ! I’m going to select payoneer but it needs more days to register. I wanted to know what will happen with my earnings after 15th of next month if i didn’t set my payout ?
Will my balance end or it will remain ?

I think it will be remain but as I mentioned definitely you have to setup as quickly you can. For more clear information you have to contact envato author support. Thanks

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I’ve sent information to support team and waiting for their response.
And I’m on registering my bank account to connect to payoneer, usually banks in our country takes long.

Thanks for the help !
Forum was actually a great Idea !

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If you are linking your Payoneer account they dont really need a working bank account though, since you will receive a card from Payoneer either. I suggest that in the time being, simply put in the wrong details in the what is your bank account… and voila payoneer will create n account for you. Its that simple

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Wow ! I didn’t know that !
I thought It will be connected to my bank account. Any way I’m done the account and now set my payout.

Thanks !

Can I ask a one more Question ?

how does earning work in Envato what happen on 15 of month will every one receive their amount o their payout connected account without a request ?

I mean I’m new here so don’t know much !

Yes will be automated on 15 of month. To be eligible for a payout on the 15th you must have been eligible (minimum balance $50 for Paypal or payonner and $500 for bank transfer) by the last day of the previous month.

I thought the same, but here I already clear my doubts :slight_smile: