Regarding payments to Payoneer

Dear friends, I’m interested in this question, I’ve been searching, reading, but I have not understood it. At this time, there is a mandatory withdrawal of money once a month? or can you save up an amount?

for example we have $ 50, but the payout account is not connected, after the expiration of the month what will happen to the money? And what does this entail?

Yes, monthly withdrawal is mandatory. It’s been discussed in this thread Changes To How Authors Receive Earnings Payouts From Envato.
I think you should set up a payout account and not try to bend the rules.

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As far as I know if you haven’t set your payout account your money (balance) will stay on your Envato account. Envato can’t take it away from you.
But if you have already set your payout account you’ll receive automatic monthly payout.

They will be donated to charity.

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It’s true ? ))