Changes To How Authors Receive Earnings Payouts From Envato

Heya Guys! I see there is a lot of confusion here so I’m going to give you a solid piece of advice.

In case you have any issues with your payments, please don’t debate these on the forums, as the community can only give small pieces of advice that aren’t reality, in the sense that the support staff can see your account information and provide you with detailed and important changes you have to make based on the Financial Team requests, not on helpful, yet random advice.

Therefore, @CelesteFps @Sealord please submit your requests to Envato Support. They respond really, really fast and in the end it’s about money, so 2 minutes to write a ticket can solve a lot of miseries! :smiley:

Cheers guys!

Hi Enabled, thanks for your comment, i appreciate it
I tryied to get guidance from envato support but it wasn’t really helpful .
beside they are really kind, envato support do not provide detailed nor changes I would have to make in order to get the payment. I even send them the intructions from my bank but they stop replying. I have being contacted them for a while, this is the kind of reply I get:
" if all of the information is OK, your payments will continue as normal."

last few times I assume the payment failed because the account was under my name and my sister{s, . somebody from the community pointed that out, not envato.

This is the last time I try to get the funds to a bank account.
Im assuming every attemp Im trying to withdrawal to my account, Im paying the usd25 per transaction, and right now i have a lot of money lost in limbo, not in the bank, not in my funds.

thanks to all,
All my best,

Surely there’s somewhere on the form to fill in your name and account number?

yes, sure.
I have completed the form as I think it should be, in coincidence with what Sealord suggested.
I lll wait for the best.

thanks a lot,
have a good easter

I use swift for my payments and my local bank also use intermediatory bank but yes there is no fields in the Envato swift payment form to enter that info but I am receiving money with the same method for years. I suggest you to leave the info about intermediatory bank in the additional comment/notes field available for swift payment and it should work.

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thank you Imithemes,
I looked for a comment/notes field I didn’t find it,
could that be possible_?

again, thanks

(field 59 in MT103 data) do you mean my personal bank account number in Argentina or the account number my bank has in the intermediary bank?
I filled it with my personal local bank account number.
the info that will be lost doing it this way is the account number BankInArgentina has in BankIntermediary *actually numbers,

I am not sure as I saved my swift details couple of years back and never changed it again but it was there when I addded the details.

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I have this (image attached) in my payouts section.


Does it mean I don’t need to enter any withdrawal amount? Is it automatically withdrawn? I just want to make sure. Let me know.

Thank you!

Yes you don’t need to enter any amount. All of your earnings will be automatically withdrawn every month.

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Thank you!

well iis not there anymore

There is no information for march earnings on payout page. Just showing next payouts. Is there a problem or we just only notifying with email from now?

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Yes, I’m also thinking about the message :
Your payout will be processed on April 15, 2018

+1 to these!

@jamesgiroux, is this a page bug? There is no information of the current processing payout on the payout page. There’s no place to what the current balance that was withdrawn has been except the mail that gets automatically sent.

Hi @Enabled
Same here, only email and no information of the current processing payout on the payout page.
Please check and let us know.

I can see the amount withdrawn in the statement page, but I agree it should appear in the payment too.

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I agree with the above, it would be desirable to see the second “window” with the pending withdrawal of funds for this month in the column “Payouts”.

Ah! There we go! Now it shows in the Payout tab! Thanks guys! :smiley:


I set up my Payoneer account and added it as a Payment method here in Envato on last February 25th (although when I checked it the following days, the date that appeared on the Payouts tab was March 1st, but I didn’t care).

I checked it a couple of days to be ensure all was ready to start with the new automatic payments and receive my money on April 15th. All was right, but I checked it today and ¡¡oh-oh!! there was nothing, just a message saying: “set up an account”. What???

I set it up again but now appears a message saying: Your payout will be processed on May 15, 2018
There is a bug or something?? Anyone else with this problem? Who I need to contact to solve this?

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