Withdrawal Problem Paypal

I applied for my first withdrawal from my PayPal account. Message states it will be processed on January 15, 2016. But Today 23/01/2016 I don’t get payment.

Unless your prices have changed, or you’ve removed stuff from your portfolio… based on your portfolio and sales numbers, your total earnings look to be about $15 or so. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50, so that could be why.

Sorry, I write wrong email for withdrawal my paypal account. How can cancel this request?

There’s a little X on your pending withdrawals on your withdraw page. Just click on that to cancel it. Then change the default payment account to the right and make a new withdrawal.

Here is no option for cancel image

The withdrawal request will be made only if you have $50+ in your withdrawal request.

Looks like something wrong with their withdrawal system.

Contact Envato Support - https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Yeah, there’s no need to cancel that… it won’t go through as it’s not enough. Not sure why it;s still showing up though, as Muse says, there might be some issue with the withdrawal system. Either way, to change your Paypal address, just go to the box on the right and you can change your default withdrawal method. Then put through a withdrawal request. If you go for the automatic withdraw all earnings option then you’ll get anything over $50 the month after you’ve hit that $50.

Why does everybody say the minimum is $50? it shows $5 for me? Am I a VIP member or what?

$50 for me. You must be special!