Will this pass reveiw process?


Hey everyone
Will this pass the review process?
Your views would be greatly appreciated!


I think everythink is OK with this track


@Victor_Odoevsky Thank you Victor :+1:t2:


simply awsome


@vrproduction Thank you vrproduction :+1:t2:


I think track is good! To my mind only clap sound is very “mechanistic” and you can use better, more natural sample. But other instruments, arrangement and production is fine!


@LuckyBlackCat Thank you, I’ll revise the claps before I upload the track, thank you :+1:t2:


its really good.


You are welcome!)


I think this sounds good, if I was a reviewer I’d give the green light.


@SmartOwlMusic - Thanks SmartOwlMusic :smiley: