looking for feedbacks before upload

In the last month, audio jungle has rejected 3 tracks of mine.
So now, I’m a little bit worried about my upcoming tracks.
What do you think about this one in terms of composition / mix / master?
thanks to all


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Hey, sounds really good to me! Maybe two things I would change are;

  • the piano is a little bright- maybe reduce the velocities a bit/EQ out some of the high frequencies. OR maybe even just EQ the piano’s delay plugin so it is not so bright.

  • the claps sound very thin. Maybe make them bigger, with fuller EQ and more reverb?

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for listening, I appreciate a lot.
Is the piano still bright?
Damn it, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It’s been two days I have this impression and keep adjusting it.
Maybe I have not finished yet

Bel pezzo, complimenti!

It sounds very good for me, but I’m not so able for the deep advices, I agree with AlisterBunclark about the claps, but about the brilliance of the piano, I think is not wrong so… it’s only my opinion! :slight_smile:

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