"Clipping" ? For real?

I’ve invested WEEKS into this track tweeking, re-arranging, bulding up over and over again, mixing, mastering doing crazy things to get THIS :
"Thank you for your submission, nice ideas!

But there’s some weird sounds playing around 0:34 - 1:05 and 1:38-2:09, is it clapping? It almost sounds a bit like a distortion. For greater commercial viability as a commercial stock audio file we suggest you re-work this a bit and send it again. "

Please tell me are there wierd sounds? I added claps that sound perfect on my monitors and i don’t want to change it! That part i worked the most! Why do i need to resubmit “correction” ? Please , opinions! I hardly menaged to get my track aproved on Monday and now i get this!!!
Here is the track :

I don’t hear any distortion, I hardly hear any clapping. Maybe you could make a main version without the clapping and a alternative version with? Nice track!

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There’s a definite difference between the snare sound in the verses and the ‘clap’-type sound in the chorus. Doesn’t sound like distortion to me, but maybe the ‘slapback’ effect on the clap gives that impression. I’d try a different sample and see how that works. The track is great overall. Nice work!

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It does not sound like «clapping» at all for me. It sounds like some kind of whip sound or like a snare with slapback from 80’s pop-music. I like this track as it is, but for «greater commercial viability» (:wink:) you could make a version with another clap/snare sound.

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I listened this part. Sound of claps really with some “distortion”. Maybe try to change sample of claps or create version without it. In my monitors clap sound really specific… P.s. Track idea and arrangement is very cool! Good luck!

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The track has being aproved after i explained what the “clipping” was :slight_smile:
There are always opinions that might cause this but thanks to the nice conversation and understanding, we have resolved the problem…Thank you for answers, i belive we all had expiriance like this and im glad that it was easy to resolve.
Thank you all for answers! :slight_smile:

I think the reviewer was right, especially so because he only soft rejected it.
There are weird sounds at:
0:29 1:25 1:33 (and many other places) sounds like nasty fret noise or a cut in a track without micro fadeout to smooth the cut.
And that clapping sound really sounds like distortion ,on my phones I recognize it not like a clap but like a piece of paper being crumpled.
But than again its a nice track and fixing this could only make it better as the reviewer said.

Yes I can hear thar funny sound very well right from the start a 0:29 when I played the track on basic pc monitors. A phasing effect on a guitar or a keyboard ?? This sort of thing we can’t hear after working hard and weeks on a track even if it it very lound…Anyway wiyhout this it is a veny nice track!

@Mega-Music I’m not into music at all. But, as a listener, that sounds seems disturbing to me. Your track is perfect without that. As someone mentioned, it does not feel like clapping but feels like some strange sound…

Hope that helps.

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Think that the fret noises can give a bit of bother during listening but… nice track! :thumbsup:

+1 for reworking the clap. It’s too unnaturally crumbly-grainy on the left side. Of course, you’ve got so used to it you don’t notice anymore, but IMHO the reviewer gave a very spot on tip there. Nice track and already selling!

Thank you again for your feedback and honest comments, i really apriciate it!
The reviewer has aproved the song after short conversation. But i can update the track anytime since it’s aproved :slight_smile:


There’s no distortion ! Very nice track btw !!!

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Yeah agreed, I can’t hear any distortion either (maybe my setup sucks?) and I can clearly hear that it’s clapping. However not very convincing natural clap. I haven’t really gotten into making tracks with natural claps, but I did get this for kontakt http://www.sampleism.com/paperstoneinstruments/the-clap-v2-kontakt
I guess this is what 95% of the ukulele kids here uses!
I barely touch it with EQ or FX, sounds very good. Might be other better options, I don’t know!

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Well my setup is Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 with KRK Rookit 6 G2
I do all mixing and mastering on them and i really care for my sounds to sound as much perfect as they can…I spend much more time on mixing then on production itself…I think the problem with this clap was maybe too much highs with reverb caused the respected reviewer to think that it’s a distorsion…There are so much tools to test the tracks are they clipping or not. The track was soft rejected and i wrote them an explenation about the problematic “clipping” and my track was aproved :slight_smile: And already made 5 sales in 24 hours lol :smiley:

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I think it’s not clipping or distorted, I just think the ‘clap sample’ is a bit out of place. It doesn’t seem to complement the drums that well. But hey, if it sold 5 times in 24 hours then who am I to say it’s wrong? :wink:

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I think that is the right answer…The moment i saw that color of clap sounds great here…Tryed tons of other claps but doesn’t work (for me) as this one does…It’s all matter of taste :slight_smile:

Exactly, might have been a bit heavy on the highs. Claps is really a midrange sound, with some high end transients only. Nevertheless, no way regular listeners notice this and obviously the track is great as it’s already selling! :smiley:

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Yes there is definitely clipping and weird sounds like 0:22 and so…