need help, help on sound

I’m confused, what can you say about this? How is it sounds? What can i do, to make it sounds better? Thx)

Hello my friend. I listened to your music it sounds good. You need to use some transition effects and don’t make it too long, keep the sections shorter.
Good luck my friend.

Hello, DonLinoleum

I believe the track sounds good musically but I would honestly be careful while using the sounds.
Make sure the reverb is not generated from the VST but add it yourself so you have a better control of it. I would as well make sure the clap/snare is better blended in the mix, don’t worry about using layers as long as each one of those layers serve a purpose. And I would also divide the composition into sections so it is less repetitive. Some more percussion would not hurt and would also help making it sound full and fill the frequency spectrum.

I always advice to look for the bestsellers in that genre, download the preview and drag it into your DAW. Use Voxengo SPAN (free plugin) to determine whether your track sounds (sonically and in terms of quality) similar to a good selling track or not.

I hope that was a bit helpful,
all the best! :slight_smile: