What's wrong with this one?

could you give me some feedback on my rejected comedy track?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @SoopSound

I’ve listened to your track. Nice composition & arrangement, congratulations! However, it seems that there is clipping in the mix & some parts are distorted (pizzicato D in 0:9 and 0:21 for example). Also maybe you can try adding variation to the pizzicato rhythm so that the track can be more dynamic & feel “naughtier” :wink:

Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! I noticed the clipping, listening on my laptop. My studio monitors made it sound better than it was. So that’s something I’ve learned: listen back on different speakers.
Adding variation to the rhythm is a great idea!
I wont ponder to tell you what other website I’ve sent a non-clipping version already, but I’ll keep your idea in mind for my next tracks!
Thank you very much!

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