Another rejection... how do I improve?

So my next comedy track has been rejected:
Does anyone have some advice? Was it the mix, the composition or maybe both? What about it?
Thank you very much!

I listened to your track and the arrangement is a good start but I would add more comedy elements to it. The mix is not very good due to the Tuba? in the bottom end.

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Thank you very much! I noticed the problem with the tuba already but I didn’t know how to deal with it. The low end sounded much too big and muddy but in the spectrum analyzer it looked like there’s something missing there, so I increased the volume again. I know this is something you shouldn’t do and luckily I accidentally deleted my SPAN presets, so now I have to mix by ear… :smiley:

I really appreciate, that you take time so often, to critique my tracks. You’ve helped me a lot!

Maybe a :clown_face: ?!

For me tuba is too loud. In the end I hear problem with mix too. I’m not professional, but I hope It will be helpful. With you luck ! :slight_smile:

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I think this is a good track!
keep going!!!


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