Track rejection help

Hello this track was rejected

“This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

Is it the pizzicato doesn’t sound realistic enough, too much reverb, levels or too repetitive. Any thoughts welcome.

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Hi @benmanhire
I think it is just low commercial potential. Maybe you should make some pauses in differents part and this makes your track more attractive for buyers. I like the idea. Cool track anyway. Good luck!

Hey, I really like this track, shame it was rejected! I think the pizzicato sample is good, but they are very loud and aggressively compressed, so I would bring that down a few notches. But if the rejection was based on it’s commercial value, then I would guess that it’s because the mood of the track changes so dramatically when the pizzicato strings come in. This makes it less useful to a videographer. So I would say you have two different tracks in this; either an “atmospheric eastern soundscape” without the pizzicato strings, or cut the intro and have the pizzicato strings from the very beginning.

To me this is cool just a bit static, I think you should just compress more it, reviewers don’t like dynamic

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Thanks so much for taking the time to give this advice. I now know I need to make it more commercially viable.

Well spotted Alister, this is exactly how the track was composed. The pizzicato section was from a track that I was working on previously and then added the beginning ambient part. You are correct I should have made the transition less jolting. I destroyed its commercial value. Thanks for your feedback you have helped a lot and give me an idea.

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Thanks Voltatunes after listening I think the pizzicato is too loud and jolting. Thanks for your time.