Soft will be missed!

Do you guys feel that soft rejections were quite abandoned, or it’s just me?
thanks to all!! :slight_smile:

I think the girl voice is out of tempo.

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The sound is too muffled (lacking shine, air, brightness) and is not punchy enough for this type of track. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you’re asking why you were hard rejected. If not, my bad. :grinning:

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yes I mean that…it’s another way to say it lol
you’re saying to review the mix in terms of eq and compression, basically ? @Flumen?

Yes, but maybe you also need new samples, especially for the stomps.

Just listen to this and compare, and I’m sure you hear quite a big difference:

Notice how the sound hits you in the face? Even at low volume.

Also, your claps are very dry and repetitive. And the sticks that come in later have a lot of reverb and don’t really sound like they match.

wow thats a big difference…im using mostly SMACK, it should be ok, but I guess I may give more punch with compression and eq-wise…thanks thats very good advice @Flumen
also the verb thing, you are right!