Reject pls help to analyse!!! THANK YOU!

Hey, forum,
I have this track rejected

I think I didnt take enough time to rest my ears before mixing, because now I can hear that the acoustic guitar is too loud and the bass sound is too loud as well.

Could you pls help me and point out more mistakes in mixing and composing. Everyones help is very high appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @EvergreenBay

First part sound ok to me , except I think that something is clipping , it’s probably overcompressed or samples are just bad. In your chorus 0:35 , you got lots of problems , your panning is not good, your drums are pretty bad sounding, like everything is cliping (maybe you did that in your mastering process), acoustic guitars are pretty MIDI , in the chorus everything sounds pretty MIDI… If you don’t have good drum set , try to combine kick with some claps , it will sound better for the song of this type. You got a nice idea for a cool track over here, but you have to practice your mixing skills and to update your VST Instruments or samples…

Wish you the best dude !!! Grab a beer and practice mixing :slight_smile:

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It sounds like demo track. You need to use more relevant samples and to mix your music well :slight_smile: Good luck, mate!

thank you guys for good advices! I’ll focus on these issues

hey Mankiz, I dont have good phones, could you pls explain better what exactly do u hear as clopping. do u hear some distortion on snares?

Yeah levels are definitely not good. Drums samples are low quality, also they are in the background, it feels like there is no kick. I don’t hear any clipping. Beside that, I think your idea is pretty good, all you need is better quality.

I hope this was helpful to you. :slight_smile: