Do you think that they will approve of this track?

Should I even bother letting them review this or do you think they will approve this track?

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:slight_smile: Hi Trasher, here’s my take:

The negative sides first :wink: :

  • Guitar attack is out of control at the very start
  • Guitar lick is too repetitive
  • Shaker sound is kind of weird
  • Beat is not always in time (mostly in the beginning)
  • Synth bass is overpowering
  • Mix is too muddy

The positive sides :sunglasses: :

  • General idea is good
  • Guitar lick is ok too (only too repetitive)
  • I could see such a vibe work for some sports projects, but in a more tight/focused state.

A suggestion:

  • I think such a track could benefit from well placed “boots stomps” and more conservative “claps” to accent the beat (instead of the whoosh/noise thing).

I think you should listen to many tracks in the categories you aim for, then try your best and only upload music when you feel like your work is on par (or better) than what is already present in the huge Audiojungle library.

Ps: Keep in mind that it’s just my humble opinion. I hope other authors will chime in to help you too.

Good luck, keep persisting and welcome around! :slight_smile:

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I guess I’m just confused as to how you guys make your songs sound exactly the way they want them to sound. Is there any specific plug-ins or tutorials or anything that people are using that im missing the memo on?

Lots of general info on this page:

Plus, I remember an Audiojungle video with a few tips too (I’m searching for it right now, stay tuned, I’ll get back here when I find it). :slight_smile:

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Here’s the video I was talking about:

(And a text transcription of it here, if you prefer): The top rejection reasons in the AudioJungle review process (and how to avoid them)


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Almost three years here, and i am still trying to find the exactly AJ sound.
Maybe you´ll get some more hard rejected, and as @Nonzerobot says, read all those links, and listen tracks here similar to the sound you are looking for.
Your beginning is very good, you just need to refine it. But i think you are very close.

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That’s insane. So do you think its even worth me trying to make a living off of this or do you think im not good enough? (This is only one of my first ever tries at commercial music like this)

Thank you.

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I think you misunderstood me. English is not my native language.
I was talking about what the reviewers here want, and i was talking about mix, not composition.
I said that listen tracks here similar to the sound you are looking for, so you can take ideas about what is approved.
Download some preview tracks here and compare them with, Izotope 8, for example, so you can equalize and mix in the right way your tracks.

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Rest assured, from what I heard, I think you possess the essential (the musical ideas!) and like @Manriquedelara said, you probably only need to refine it a bit. I hope my review wasn’t too hard, I tried to keep it constructive.

With some frequent listening to the music categories you wish to work in and then trying a few uploads here and there, I’m pretty sure you will find your way in the library at some point. :slight_smile:

Posting some tracks to get feedback is a good idea too. (Many authors do it and you will mostly receive sincere comments).

Good luck!

Thanks. I am making a new song as we speak and meticulously comparing it to one of the top tracks on here. I won’t stop til it’s the exact same quality. I’ll post it here when I’m done. Thanks for the help.

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That’s the spirit! Cheers! :sunglasses:

…but beware of making it an exact copy of that top track; keeping your own style is also a good idea. :slight_smile:

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Hey man!

It’s definitely on the right track, the sounds are all pretty good in general.

I think the riff is a little too repetitive, it just never really let’s up, typically with rock piece we’d get some sort of chorus or bridge or something. I dig the big bass synths that come in, it just doesn’t seem to go anywhere after that.

Other than that, I think the whole thing is a little “loose” sounding… it’s not that it’s “off-beat” but it’s just a little draggier than is typical, pretty tight quantization is the name of the game on the jungle I’ve found.

I’d say keep at it, you’re miles ahead of my first attempt(s).

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Makes sense. I’m going to work much harder on the next one. Where do you guys get your clap and kick samples btw? Do you have any resources for that? Either way thanks. They haven’t actually reviewed the track yet but I’m just gonna consider it rejected for now and make newer stuff.

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For claps, maybe you could simply record yourself clapping a few times, from a different place in a room, then mixing all the takes? But if that’s not a possibility, there are now tons of claps and kicks samples available in many places.

From the top of my head, some good ones can be found here:

Loops de la Crème:
That Sound:
Red Room Audio:
But many more also exists.

Spitfire were having some too (3$, going to a charity organization, if I remember well), maybe those are still available…

Some free ones can also be found online (Bedroom Producer, etc). :slight_smile:

A little while back I actually built a couple of my own battery kits for stomps and claps which i have on some up coming pieces. Basically i took a big piece of plywood into the studio and used a 414 to record me stomping and jumping on it about 30 or 40 times and layered it up and staggered everything a bit. Same for claps. Then i can verb it up how i like depending on the piece, and add as many claps/stomps as i want (stadium vs 2 or 3 people). Sometimes I’ll augment it with other samples like that sound just to give it a bit more beef. It was getting to be a real pain searching for stomp samples every time, this gives me a bit of my own sound and i can pull it up in seconds.

For what you’re referring to on my portfolio, that was all done before I did all that, I think for the claps i definitely recorded some of my own and combined them with the spitfire audio claps (i think), the kicks/stomps i’m pretty sure I got from (which is awesome btw).