Will there ever be multi-part uploads on Graphicriver?

Authors of for example the mockup category often have to balance product quality/resolution and file size.
Just recently I tried to upload a product of 2,5 gb. I already left out plenty of features which the product normally includes (on other marketplaces). I reduced the overall resolution and compressed all files as good as possible. 2,5gb is the absolute minimum that I can achieve.

I revieved a soft rejection due to probably a corrupt file. I don’t enjoy uploading such big files myself of course. Ironically, the reviewer told me that files shouldnt be larger than 1gb. Why then is the file size limit 3gb? Did I miss that we can upload multiple zips for a single product? I guess not.

Also I’m quite sure that if you’d split a product into multiple ones (Product Part 1/2, Product Part 2/2… )
this would definitely be rejected.

How do you guys feel about this issue? Other marketplaces make it much more easier for authors to upload their products by offering multiple files to be uploaded for one product.
This would also make it much more easy for clients to download just specific parts and not having to download super huge files.


Please check this:

GraphicRiver General File Preparation Guidelines

Save your Main File(s)

  • Files must not exceed 1 GB .

More details here, hope will be helpful to understand:


Thanks for your reply.
This article doesn’t offer any new information to me unfortunately.
Although it says “Main File(s)” at the top, the following is written at the bottom:

Put your finished design and all supporting information into a single zipped folder.

So we end up with 1 zip for our main files again. So how can I upload 3GB in one Zip while not exceeding 1GB. This is a contradiction itself.


we have to follow each market General File Preparation Guidelines individually. If you check for videohive there you will see:
Files exceeding 3GB in total size may be rejected if compression has not been optimized .

By the way you can contact Author Help center for more.