The maximum file size cap has been increased to 3GB

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve recently increased the existing file size cap for VideoHive submissions. The previous limit was set to 1GB per submission. We always allowed larger files, but if you wanted to submit a file that was larger than 1GB, you had to write into support to request permission before submitting your item.

The individual file size cap is now going to be 3GB. And while not much else is changing, I did want to make you all aware of some key points. Although we’re allowing files to be up to 3GB, we ask that you still focus on keeping your file sizes down whenever possible. We’d like all authors to use smart compression for all footage and videos. When you’re including assets within a project file, we ask that you focus on achieving the lowest file size you can reach before it starts negatively affecting quality. Authors have done a pretty great job working within 1GB so far, so I’m expecting most submissions will still be lower than 1GB.

Please also be mindful of buyers when you decide to submit large files in general. VideoHive buyers are located all over the world, and there’s no way to know download speeds and bandwidth availability for everyone.

Key points

  • Submissions 1GB or smaller will be treated as business as usual.
  • Submissions 1GB - 3GB will be reviewed as normal, but we reserve the right to reject any file that we feel could have been compressed or provided differently. So for example, if you upload a Motion Graphics submission that’s 3GB and we feel that it would be very easy to reduce the file size down without any significant quality loss, we will soft-reject and ask you to try reducing the overall size.
  • Submissions over 3GB require approval from Envato Staff before it can be reviewed or accepted. If you want to upload a file that needs to be provided as one submission but the file size is larger than 3GB, you can create a new support ticket requesting permission. Please send through a preview video or any other examples, along with your reasoning for needing to exceed the cap. Once approved you’ll be allowed to submit your larger file for review.

WHOOO! Very glad to hear, don’t think I’ll making any 3GB files but I’m excited to see what other authors will create with the new maximum.

Great change!

Good news!


YES! :slight_smile:

Oh sweet jesus right on time for my next project

Great! :slight_smile: Thanks :wink:

SO GREAT …! Thanks

Great great news! Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Good news!

I guess this means bigger motion graphic packs as well: more video clips per upload.

Also file sizes above 3GB in special cases!

4K templates? :slight_smile:

Now I just need an internet connection that will be able to upload 3Gb files without it taking 30 hours or something!

SpaceStockFootage said

Now I just need an internet connection that will be able to upload 3Gb files without it taking 30 hours or something!

3GB upload United Kingdom is problem?

Welcome to Croatia , try this connection :slight_smile:

Nice change! Thanks Envato!

Great news! : -)

Excellent–well done Team Envato! :slight_smile:

Just in time, thanks :wink:

Hi Mark,

can you please get devs to add “gb” in validation list for the “File Size” field of the upload form? It only accepts “mb” and “kb” and everything else throws error.

Very great - thanks for info Mark :slight_smile:

Great news for those who upload 4K video!