3GB File Size Limit - How to decrease below that?

Hi folks, I recently submitted a HD and 4K real glitter overlay pack and just received emails to say the HD version was approved, however the 4K version requires the following;

“We have a 3GB size limit for all files. If you’re unable to reduce the size of the ZIP under 3GB, please email Envato Support to request your file be inspected for permission to be accepted as-is”

My file is currently 3.7GB but I’m not sure how I can decrease it further?

Anyone have any suggestions?

The only thing I can think of is re-encoding the videos, however I’m already using the lowest file size codec H.264 and I can’t decrease the video ratio dimensions as it won’t be 4K?

Any help appreciated, thanks!

Then just do as you were told, contact support and say that you want an exception of the rule because you did try to minimize the filesize already.

You can open a support ticket here:

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Already have thanks!

So just to update incase anyone else finds this useful.

My zip file was 3.7GB and Envato advised me to remove the Raw files (I included un-looped raw files incase the user needed them), they basically said not to do this as all items should be “ready to use”.

This meant I needed to update my Preview Video… however when updating the item with the new files it directed me to an “Edit Item” page which is the old method of uploading.

A few notes as a result, this page means you’ll have to manually add the watermark on the preview video as the automatic watermark is only done through the new upload page.

Anyway, all done now and approved! :grin:

Here’s the item;

Real Floating Glitter Particles 4K

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