VideoHive File Sizes

Hi there, I am interested what file sizes are maximum allowed for now for Stock footage as well as After Effects Projects. Is it still 3gb limit?

I have 4 smartphones videos in 4K with alpha channel, They should come as a pack. But total size is 4.5gb

Thank you.

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Yes, the file size limit is still 3GB.

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i have the same problem, i uploding 4K resolution animation pack with alpha channel with PNG+alpha codec, its 6GB for the main file.

but the funny is i already release another 3 pack 4k with file size more than 3GB.

the reviewer tell me to split the file under 3GB, but i can only submit 1 for the main file.

is it maybe envato running out of space???


We occasionally will make an allowance to exceed the 3GB limit, but the quality of the item(s) needs to be exceptional. You can open a ticket with Envato Support to request permission.


Split it into two items… not two different files submitted as one item.

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Hello! The new upload tool does not have a “message to reviewer” tab. If we request permission from support how can we inform the reviewer? :slight_smile:

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@steve314 Yeah, this another reason for the frustration caused by the removal of the Notes to Reviewer section. I’m hoping we’ll have the form added soon, but there is no timeline that I’m aware of.

For now, please feel free to message me directly via my forum profile, and I’ll attempt to get any issues resolved as quickly as possible.

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Best thanks!