Clarification on the 3GB file size submission cap

We’ve noticed a growing number of instances where there’s been some confusion around our maximum file size policy. I wanted to provide clarification around this policy for everyone.

The current file size cap is set to 3GB, but the policy is actually a soft-cap. We ask authors to try their best to keep submissions under 3GB whenever possible. But we will allow some submissions to exceed 3GB when the total content is justifiably larger than 3GB. We can’t assume that all customers have high speed broadband with unlimited bandwidth. If we weren’t mindful of this, we’d risk creating a bad experience for customers with limited internet options.

So you should always think about file size when creating content or designing templates. Rendered videos should be compressed to be as small possible, stopping just before you notice visible quality loss.

If you’re preparing a new submission and find that your item is larger than 3GB in total size, take some time to assess your content to determine if there’s any action you can take to get the file size down a little. Once you’ve exhausted all options, you can still submit items that exceed 3GB, but we ask that you add a note to the reviewer explaining the situation. They’ll either make an exception and approve the item, or in some cases they might soft-reject the item with suggestions you could try to get the file size smaller.

One important point I need to make, is that we do not permit situations where authors submit partial submissions, and then host the remainder of their item through external means (personal servers, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). In the event that the external hosting location goes down, it would mean that customers purchasing your item may not have access to download the files associated with their purchase. So under no circumstances is this workaround permitted.

I hope that clears things up. If there’s ever any questions, you’re free to ask here, write me directly, or even submit your items and ask the question in the Notes to Reviewers field.


I’ve created a few templates with the Trapcode particular plugin. Customers do not read the description as the new design of the Videohive site has changed. Since they do not have the Particular plugin, they give the template 1 star. I created prerender versions to give solutions to customers. The file size of these prerender versions is 3-5GB. I am sending this version with Google drive and the customer is happy. Are you telling me I can’t do this solution?

My first choice is the low file size. But I need over 3GB for the solution. I cannot upload files above 2.5GB. FTP upload process restarts at 99%. An endless upload loop.

Hi. You can write in your item description on top of the list and with bold characters that your template needs Particular plugin. So in case that customers don’t read the description made by Envato, they will read your description.

Sometimes videos in ProRes with alpha channel can easily exceed 3Gb. Codec automatically set an ultra-high bitrate (up to 500000kbps), that cannot be changed. Making packs not possible.


I tried this and the result is the same. Everything would be easier if the ftp file size limit was 5gb.

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@dofx Unfortunately, no. All content should be included in a single ZIP file. Project files cannot be provided as a separate download from a file sharing service or drive. When was the last time you attempted to upload the project file? And what FTP client are you using? If it’s timing you out at 2.5GB, there might be a size limiter in place with your ISP or the FTP client itself.

I’ve had this problem with Filezilla before. Using WinSCP worked. Maybe give that a try.

If all content should be included in a single ZIP file, how can it be that almost all topsellers on videohive rely on extensions that have to be downloaded on external websites and are not included in the main ZIP?

@Creattive Extensions are allowed as a content management option. Even if an author provides the extension, fully functional versions of the files still need to be included in the ZIP file purchased via the marketplace. This way, customers aren’t entirely reliant on the functionality of a file server or verification process outside of the Videohive marketplace.

Hm, I could argue that a plugin version of a template is fully functional, and a prerendered version provided as seperate download gives the same usability benefits as an extension that makes a 1000+ item pack usable.

I mean nobody is using these big packs without the extension, if we are honest. Sounds like a double standard to me…

@Creattive not all customers are going to take the extra step of downloading, installing, and activating an extension to use a single template. Video professionals who use templates every day might find extensions useful, but not all VH customers are video professionals with the need or desire to deal with multiple content management extensions from various authors or contingents of producers.

Not entirely sure I follow what you’re trying to convey here, or where the double standard resides. VH tries to make its content as flexible and accessible as possible for all customers.

In those cases, you can submit the item with a zip greater than 3GB and explain that you tried to get the file size down, but what you provided was the best you could do. If the review team doesn’t have any suggestions on steps to take to reduce the file size further, and the submission passes our quality standards, the file will be accepted regardless.

Just to reiterate, our policy is a soft-cap. We hope that all authors spend time trying to get items under 3GB whenever possible. But in the instances where they’ve tried and the file size exceeds 3GB, we can make an exception and accept it.

We have items on VideoHive that are greater than 5GB and I’m not aware of any limits imposed on FTP uploads.

Thanks, I think this program will work for me.

I do not sell prerenders to the customer. There is no word prerender in the description. The client is asking for help because he doesn’t have a plugin. I want to help and I am sending the prerender version to the client. This is considered a gift as I do not provide a Prerender guarantee. I think this does not break the trust.

If a customer has purchased your template and is unable to use it because they weren’t aware of required plugins – and you then provide a pre-rendered version to the customer – then yes that is perfectly fine.

But that scenario is entirely different from what this thread is referring to. This thread refers to providing only part of what’s advertised, and giving customers a link to download the reminder of the advertised contents outside of the marketplace.

I am happy that this topic has been clarified. Thanks.

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yea you are right…you have to provide clarification around this policy for everyone

Why zip files is not accepting in new uploader for motion graphics. i used to upload zip files.! @MarkBrodhuber

I use Stocksubmitter for my uploads The program automatically discards the submission of files greater than 3gb which are quite a few as I use Prores 422 I am fine with that and it simply means that not all my files are available at Videohive as they are on other video stock agencies.