Why was this design rejected, I feel disappointed?

I really follow all the standards of Envato but I do not know why it is rejected and is not suitable for quality standards Is this true!

hi for me this is not bad and u have a clean base to work with, but honestly , as such difficult to imagine that u can make it , as most of your information are definitely lacking contrast and thus u are violating one of the basic design principles … also think about it, what is the purpose of the item if the required info is almost unreadable? the work becomes inefficient and they cannot decently accept it … i also tend to believe that trying to invest more time in the fake logo would help u to have a more impressive preview, when this is a bit flat at this stage. Typo is clean otherwise, but also a bit flat and this fails to underline that your hierarchy of information is decent indeed

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Thanks You

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u are welcome, i hope i could help u :slight_smile: