Why was our item rejected without a reason?

We have gone through the theme submission process as required and have made all the necessary changes as per the reviewer… we were told to resubmit again but then got an email stating that we won’t be able to resubmit again, no other specific feedback like the first two soft rejections.

We put in probably 70-100 hours of work to make the required changes and then to not be able to resubmit to fix whatever is left (I assume is very small) is super challenging and disappointing to say the least.

Please advise Envato Support.

That’s a hard rejection message meaning there’s too much wrong to provide detailed feedback.

You can resubmit assuming you make substantial changes.

If you share the demo link here then people can give you feedback.

Thanks for the quick response! Wow, so we had made a ton of fixes that the reviewers required and did extensive testing on our end. We thought we’d at least get another reply from the reviewer as to why it was rejected, even if there were too many issues (again).

Here’s the demo:


Appreciate any feedback.

With respect I have to agree with the reviewer this is a long way off the standard.

The reviewer is right that it would be impossible to give detailed feedback as everything needs addressing from the basics up.

Just some things wrong:

  • basics like margins, alignment, spacing, typography, hierarchy all need work throughout

  • the main nav does not align to the rest of the page

  • footer widget contents are all over the place

  • blog feature images don’t align with content

  • item details are not spaced properly and lack hierarchy

  • Our story content squashed centrally with lots of empty space left/right feels wrong

You should familiarize yourself with the standards of big selling items and the attention to detail/accuracy they put into their items

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Thank you again for the feedback. We’ll take a hard look at the theme and other big selling themes and go from there.