Why this project got Hard reject, its better than lots of existing !!

after 10 days of work ( indesign + word template), this project got hard reject!!! can I know why!!, I saw a new item for other authors by low quality approved with graphicriver.
please check my portfolio in below link
[link removed]

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hi this looks cool globally , if u ask me, but let’s talk the talk, there is no way to expect this template to be accepted as such. U have a very major mistake and problem here. U completely messed with contrast and there is no way this could go through in such conditions. Let’s face it, messing with contrast - which is a basic design principle - is a total no-go, this is the guaranty that the item will be binned. By the way, having such a major mistake as regard to a basic design principle is never good but the thing looks far worse when this is about contrast in particular. The fact of the matter is contrast problem mean big time issues as this is synonymous with u being confronted with additional problems in a snowball effect. There is a very bad impact on exposure, readability and hierarchy of information. Once again, these issue are a very big deal. Look, all the white texts on the yellow areas simply do not spring out, they can not be read and they definitely introduce some confusing feeling as far as what is important information and what is not … a very good example of all this , and hierarchy issue especially, is with the team members page … the title in yellow spring out far less than the subtitle under , which makes no sense whatsoever …some icons are almost invisible until it looks like there is none and that they certainly cannot pop out … so why having texts, icons or whatever if they cannot be seen in any way ? Same goes with the clear grey … very same problem. I also sorry but these yellow and black combinations are boring …all people use them until this looks systematic and if u ask me , they make very little sense for something that is meant to be a corporate item and a template. Let’s also face it, I am not sure that it makes sense as far as color theme codes and associated value go and concerning the "target " of this template (who u are addressing and the possible purchasing base)