Why this logo has rejected ?

This is an element strongly rejected without logical reasons I think it is wonderful and there are many items I have the beauty of this logo strongly rejected I want to know the reason

hi this is rather cool but maybe the illustration looks a bit too much like the peter pan character … in addition the typo part is far from perfect indeed … if the font used for the name is decent , choosing the same for the tagline is definitely not a good choice … this is not super readable, this is killing the hierarchy of information and this is making the whole text part flatter indeed … u are expected for the typo to offer both originality and font combos …

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Thank you, why hard rejected??

lol i tried to explain why … besides , what u have to identify is that here typo issues are not a small deal to say the least … neither is being original too …

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Good job :heart:

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Thank you

so good and perfect that hard rejected … lol