Rejected logo feedback

Can you offer an opinion on this logo? What may be the cause that it was rejected?

Please work on typography, research more typography logo like that.

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Thank you!

hi i think that you need to pay attention to typo as mentioned, at this stage you title and tag line are really not matching indeed, serif fonts look old and are completely the opposite style f what u tried to install in the other side with the illustration. U need to introduce some font combinations and originality , while making sure that it fits your illustration part as well

colors are really not the best choice indeed, this is contributing to have a lack of contrast, you should think about complementary colors , i know u tried to stick to pineapple colors but as a logo this is a problem, as it impacts directly the hierarchy … u need to have outstanding part indeed

i am also not sure that your logo is not slightly too detailed, keep in mind that here they judge the logo in very small size too which basically means that details may not be very visible …


Great advices.

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