Why this item got hard Reject after 1 hour

I got a Hard rejection after 1 hour of submission. Why? Isn’t it the quality standard Business Card?

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Hard to tel with only that angle view but:

  • definite inconsistency and spacing issues eg between context info

  • typography looks like a poor combination of fonts and hierarchy

  • corner info title is unnecessary

  • margins look inconsistent

  • design is not especially modern

This is one of the hardest categories to get approved - people assume that because there is less to it that this makes it easier but actually it’s the opposite

hi if u ask me there are a good deal of reasons for this. First of all, I am not sure where this is coming from, maybe your use of the mockup or the card itself, but the text is definitely too close from the edge , and apart from trimming or safety zone issues, what we can surely observe is that this is choking out there out of having these texts definitely stuck to the left side of the card , which impacts very negatively the final looks. Apart from this, there would be much to say as regard to the hierarchy , which does not look coherent all the way. The b-side is also very empty once u take all the non included elements aside and I assume that it may look sort of very disappointing for a potential buyer who would buy the item. the website is also emphasizing the misbalance of the logo side, out of being too small and lost in the middle , not being really readable and so on… icons are also pretty flat and simple and I am not sure that they really bring anything to the table as such, being associated with no real contrast