anyone can tell me why my bc rejected?

Does anyone know why this item is rejected? I’ve put so much details into this, still don’t know why. The reviewer said that it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and I won’t be able to re-submit this item again.


hi indeed, from where i sit there are a collection of reasons for the card to be hard rejected

1- global style
sorry to say just this but for me, despite the attempt to create something original that can be seen here , we still are confronted with something which is limited graphic design wise … u need to push the envelope

2- limited marketability
this resulting from the first point indeed … as u have a limited graphic design in this one, think about it, who would seriously buy this item, when they could redo it in a few minutes and save money?

3- alignment
no matter what we are considering this should be aligned with, the logo and the text below is clearly not aligned properly … let me remind u off the fact that alignment is one of the few graphic design principles …

4 - harmony
hard to identify why a lot of choices have been made like this about colors, about color combination and from one side to the other

5- color combination
why is the card not being following the logo’s colors? u have grey, u have black, u have green , u have blue , all this makes no sense and no harmony too …

6- sense
why two block of address in the same side with different icons?
why is the mail separated from the personal data block, hard to tell , too

7- hierarchy of information
let’s face it with what u have at this stage , the name is popping out … neither is the function, all information seems melting in a block and a flat feeling is coming out from this lack of relief

8- icons
the mail icon is very simple, does not bring anything to the table and is in a color that makes no sense considering the rest of the card …