One of my BC item has been hard reject! Please help me!

My business card item has been hard reject. What wrong with my item?

I designed my own, so why reject?

hi, in fact there’s a variety of things to embetter indeed … . First of all, try to think about it … what if the customer who buys doesn’t have the same logo as yours (which is more than lily to happen lol) then i guess that his or hers logo will be very hard for her to set in the same kind of position … and that will impact the way the card looks indeed. Afterwards , u have a problem of lay out and organization. THe fact of the matter is that both block of texts and info are not aligned vertically and that makes the card look messily organized or not professional if u wish, sorry to say just that but this is how people will feel, and i want u to understand about it. For me u also have a preview which is not necessary and which makes the card lose a bit of its harmony as the combination of blue and green is far form being impressive and super tasty visually … . Please keep in mind that the impact will be the same with reviewers, if u offer a preview that is “weak” both customers and reviewers do not feel impressed and that had negative influence on the way people feel. This is no need to offer several color combinations, especially if colors are not well chosen …