Why this flyer got rejected realy,,, i have alot experiencie,, and i dont understand

What do you think, w

hy have you been rejected?


hi, same goes for all of us …
for me apart from a few contrast issues - and a typo that could be improved a bit if u ask me (regarding the font for feb 20" etc which is not completely matching according to me - here and there this is tastefully done, more original than most of the approved things nowadays and a good mixed media base

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sorry I forgot to mention that in my view, u should push both model slightly more to the center , too, I mean unless that this is already a shot where bleedings have been taken out …

Thank you for your comments, the big problem is that they don’t see the potential of something original… it would have to be soft rejected

In case of the first one-

  • You could slide the “MARK” writing & the qr code in the left-hand side a bit as it’s looking really close to the face.
  • You could also brighten up the background if the writing a bit, I guess it would blend nicely with the black & white texture of the face.

Otherwise, I think it’s really a cool one mate!

The second one looked alright to me. Both of these are really good ones mate.I’ll suggest you to look more closely to the guidelines or mail the respected authorities to clarify the reason.

Hope this helps. Have a nice day! :smiling_face:

Hola, Osky.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing to understand from this new reviewer called MonieArreola, who is rejecting quality works like there’s no tomorrow.

Since she became a reviewer, last summer, she destroyed my account rejecting works of mine that no other reviewer would reject, and from what I see she keeps up the ‘good work’ with other accounts :sweat_smile: