Summer Party Flyer HARD Rejected - Feedback please

Another one of my items that was rejected. What is wrong with my flyer?

Main text is pretty basic, and the lower flat images of people are conflicting with other elements.


i personally do not think this is conflicting Shane

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hi i think that this is very unlikely that u get accepted here indeed … the reason is not really about quality , this is rather about a matter of codes that people are being sometimes too much influenced with , if u ask me … the thing is that if u have texts justified in all directions like this , they will just reject your item , no matter what u do … for me , at this stage , this work is cool looking and makes a real harmony , however , it could also be embettered by that the eye is not getting lost because of this … if u have texts in all directions and directions that are not in keeping with normal way eyes are working / reading, then they will reject your item no matter what …