Why theme rejecting again and again

Hello All:)

I am submitting one of theme Oviyan : http://demo.wponlinesupport.com/themes/oviyan/
But rejected 2 times.

Here is reviewing theme review: 1. Any incomplete, not prime-ready, outdated, bland or copied themes are hard rejected. Improvements are required! This applies to converted items as well.

Can someone guide me what is wrong with this theme. Please:)

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Hi There:

Your design is very messy and basic I think that reviewer not like your design sorry for I say you it, try you make other design wordpress better you can see for example other design wordpress approved themeforest but NO copy good luck.



Thanks for your reply but if you go to themeforest and check any WordPress blog category theme, you will find same look and feel for all new added theme.

I am just tried to provide a basic design design with 4 layouts and 7 design where you can manage all design with WordPress customiser section. Without any page builder or plugin.

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you no need without plugin or page but try you make better design blog as professional.

Approved sell use free plugin or buy plugin license extended and all pages only wordpress no use header and footer.

If reviewer like you design can soft rejected for you can fix final approved.

good luck.


Thanks for reply but I am not getting your point :frowning:

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I have seen many blog theme but all having same design in grid and list as well. What we can do :frowning:

you don’t worry because you can wait other author can help you better design regards. :slight_smile:

Yes but professional design clean reviewer like your designs themeforest.